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Events & Seminars

Xtyle Charity Fund NPC currently does several charity events, seminars and workshops. We work with underprivileged children and children in rural areas between the ages of 3 and 18 years. The aim of these events and workshops are;


  • To get children out of gang related activities and keep them away from drugs

  • To give children a goal to work towards and get their minds away from the circumstances they are surrounded with

  • To give children the opportunity to be seen and showcase their talents, not only on a national level, but also on an international level so that they can be discovered

  • To improve circumstances in the community

In addition to the events we do with the children, we also do an annual Christmas event, where we take food and presents for children in rural areas.

We want to start making a difference in more areas nation-wide but we can only do so with your assistance.


We currently do these events at least twice annually, but with sponsor support we aim to increase this to once every months in different areas, nation-wide.

This is where take our qualified fitness trainers into the townships, rural areas or underprivileged areas and we do fun fitness days for the children. This event is not only about having fun, but also about educating the children by doing fun interactive seminars (about drug abuse, anti-bullying and other issues they might be dealing with) with them during the day.

At these events, we provide food and “fun fitness activities” for them. We also give the best achievers prizes


Fitness Days


Once a year (and with sponsorship assistance our aim is to be able to do this event in several different areas, nation-wide) we go into the rural, underprivileged areas and townships and do a full fun Christmas Festival for them.

We dress one of the locals as Santa Clause, do a food buffet for the children, sing songs and hand out presents.





This event is done as part of the Prestigious Arnold Classic Sports Festival.

At least one of the three days we host this event are dedicated to bringing children from children’s homes and rural or under privileged areas to the sport festival.

At the event, we provide food and “fun fitness activities” for them.


We also give the best achievers prizes as well as invite them to compete in the other two days at the festival where they compete against the best teens in South Africa for Limited Edition Arnold Classic Medals. This opens the door for them to be seen on an international scale as well.

These children also receive access to the Arnold Classic Sports Festival expo where they have the opportunity to view all the other sporting codes. This year with the assistance of sponsorship we were also able to take 6 very special, athletic boys from Ermelo to the sports festival. Three of them placed very well at the finals. 


In the past our one partner, Justin Maguire, also donated 20 computers to the school in Ermelo to assist the children with their education.




We do several workshops and seminars for young children in rural areas in Africa. Some of our workshop and seminar topics are as follows:

  • Bullying

  • Drugs

  • Self Confidence

  • Career Options and Education

  • Health Care

  • Depression

  • Self Defence

  • Other

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