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Tertiary Education

XFE Academy is a non-profit academy that strives to provide the best education possible to South Africans and Africans in rural areas who cannot afford to study. We believe that education is the tool to a better future, not only in South Africa, but world-wide. A lot of people grow up in poverty with dreams they will never be able to realize. We aim to change that and push each student to reach the heights of their potential.

XFE Academy was started by fitness enthusiast, event manager and sound engineer, Helena Calitz in 2018. Helena has over 12 years of knowledge and experience in the Academy’s main fields of study.

Other than the main fields that XFE Academy specializes in, we also work with other partner academies to provide fully accredited business and security qualifications. This widens our scope, and also offers more opportunities for students who study through us.

Helena is currently the head of the Gauteng Development Division for the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation and has created several international opportunities for athletes nation-wide. Students have the opportunity to work with Helena in all aspects, giving them direct industry exposure and opening doors for great networking opportunities to meet potential employers.

We create entrepreneurs and offer practical and skills development courses, as well as full qualifications in the following industries:

  • Fitness,

  • Sports,

  • Business,

  • Events

  • Entertainment

  • Technology

Students can complete Internationally Accredited Diploma and Certification Courses, ensuring their future.

  • To ensure that all ages, races and people with disabilities in Africa have the same access to study opportunities which will help them become internationally accredited industry professionals so that they can improve their living situations and lead enriched lives.

  • To be the number one recognized source of event, fitness and entertainment industry professionals who are the unequivocal employee choice within the industry.

  • To develop proactive professionals who are leaders and innovators.

  • To engage other industry leaders and subject matter experts while maintaining a commitment to never operate in a self-serving manner.



Image by Andre Hunter

To develop accountable, fully internationally accredited professionals within all industries we present courses in. We aim to be the best, most exclusive and highest quality academy in Africa. We want to offer our students all possible guidance, opportunities and exceptional knowledge so that they are able to make a success out of their chosen career path.



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