Who we are

XFE Academy NPC and Xtyle Charity Fund NPC are two charity companies who work under one umbrella.


XFE Academy is a non-profit tertiary educational institution that ensures that all people in South Africa have access to quality, internationally accredited qualifications and opportunities. Many schools receive grants, but we look after the Tertiary Education in South Africa. We change the lives and situations of teens, specifically in rural areas and lower the unemployment rate. We believe that everyone should have the same access to quality education.

Xtyle Charity Fund NPC currently does several charity events, seminars and workshops. We work with underprivileged children and children in rural areas between the ages of 3 and 18 years. The aim of these events and workshops are;

  • To get children out of gang related activities and keep them away from drugs

  • To give children a goal to work towards and get their minds away from the circumstances they are surrounded with

  • To give children the opportunity to be seen and showcase their talents, not only on a national level, but also on an international level so that they can be discovered

  • To improve circumstances in the community