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Who we are

Xtyle Fitness and Entertainment Academy NPC is a tertiary education institution. We received our official internationally recognized accreditation in 2018. Our NPC has 4 parts;


1. Tertiary Education:

Giving people in rural areas or persons with disabilities, who cannot afford tertiary education the opportunity to obtain internationally accredited qualifications. This increases their chances for employment or to start their own businesses tremendously. We also have specialized facilitators who work with disabled people or people with learning problems so that they can understand and get the most out of their studies.


2. Workshops and Seminars at schools:

Doing workshops and seminars with school children to educate them on Nutrition, Anti-doping, Health, Fitness, Sports and Training, Stress Management, Depression, Anti-bullying, Entrepreneurship and other disciplines

The aim of these events and workshops are;

  • To get children out of gang related activities and keep them away from drugs

  • To give children a goal to work towards and get their minds away from the circumstances they are surrounded with

  • To give children the opportunity to be seen and showcase their talents, not only on a national level, but also on an international level so that they can be discovered

  • To improve circumstances in the community


3. School Sports:

Our trainers train children for school sports and for the Arnold Classic Teen Challenge - giving children goals to work toward and giving them endless opportunities. This also allows for job creation for qualified trainers in over 20 schools we are involved with.


4.  Job Creation:

All of the above, including events we run, creates job opportunities for over 200 people each year.

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